We do two things well.

When we ask “How was your day?” we mean it. We really want to know.

And then we listen.


“Far too many women make horrible decisions in relationships because they did not honor or even know their own worth.  If individual women felt more valued and safe — and HEARD — we might make better decisions. 

I think the idea of a simple “How was your day?” that led to meaningful conversation could alter a woman’s concept of herself, show her that she’s valued, and that may translate into better decisions about relationships.”

– Johanna
California, USA

We will connect with you in whatever way is most comfortable for you. Text is often what people prefer, but we can do email, video chat, a call, write letters, or sometimes even meet for a coffee.

You can tell us how often you want to hear from us. From a couple times a month, to every day, if you want. We don’t schedule times, unless you want to. We honour our commitment to allow the conversation and connection to flow naturally and easily.

You can even ask us to craft how we listen, and how we respond. Do you want your experience to feel like you’re talking to a friend, a lover, a parent, or a stranger?

Would you like someone local, or in another city? Another country maybe? Do you have a gender preference? An age preference? Sean Connery saying yessshhhh to everything you say? Ask for what you want.

*Sean Connery is not a Listener, but getting that as a request made our day.  We did get to connect a nice Scottish man who listens well. 🙂

We can be simply an ear to listen. A sounding board for ideas or challenges. We can hold space for your pain or grief. We can sit in silence if you just need a connection. Or we can share and support your successes and achievements!

When you’re connected, you will always, always have someone you can share your stories with. You will always have someone with no expectation, and no agenda. You will always have someone that offers the empathy, caring, kindness, and love that we want for you.

You only have to ask once.

If you would like to sign up a friend or relative, we do offer lower subscriptions for those in care, elderly, or with a disability.

We have corporate subscriptions for group homes, long term care, health and wellness facilities, or employers that have a mental health program.

If you really need this, and you just can’t afford it, tell us why it matters. We have sponsors and supporters that may donate the subscription.


Questions? So many questions! 🙂 Here’s the faq, or just send us an email. ben@howwasyourday.ca