I want real.

I want to have conversations about relationships, dating, love, and connection.

Over the last year I’ve had the opportunity to have some real, deep visits with some amazing people, about what people want and need.

About their experiences, and mine.

I’ve talked to friends, online dating matches, and sex coaches. Business owners, lawyers, doctors, and dentists. Yoga teachers, artists, and therapists. Ranchers, farmers, athletes, and relationship app builders.

A friend suggested that the things that make for exceptional and unusual experiences in this space might be a good business, for people that want a real connection – without expectation, or pressure, or drama. For people that want real comfort, care, communication, and love. But for whatever reason they don’t, or can’t, have it in their life.

I want insight and understanding. I want to know if you think that being a conscious and attentive listener is wanted and needed, and if there is enough value in it that people will subscribe to receive it.

Sort of a cross between Talkspace, Tinder, and 10% Happier, but completely focused on your heart and mind.

Tell me about your dating and love experience. Or your thoughts on the website. Tell me what you think of the idea. Does it have value? Is it needed? Wanted?

I truly appreciate any thoughts you are willing to share.


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