from Johanna.

I think the concept is fabulous, because it seems that people are having fewer and fewer meaningful personal interactions. And increasing meaningful interactions can have different effects on different demographics.

My time on Tinder has shown me that there are a lot of lonely, single, and desperate men out there. My knee-jerk reaction is to be scared of them. In my experience, desperate men are dangerous men. Not all of them, but some of them. I’m sorry to put a negative spin on your super positive project…  but maybe if we had fewer lonely, desperate men out there we’d have a safer society.

And I’ve seen far too many women make horrible decisions in relationships because they did not honor or even know their own worth.  If individual women felt more valued and safe — and HEARD — we might make better decisions. I think the idea of a simple “how was your day” that led to meaningful conversation could alter a woman’s concept of herself, show her that she’s valued, and that may translate into better decisions about relationships.

And as for the elderly, I think there are more and more older folks becoming isolated in their homes and are most certainly becoming lost in modern technology (no judgement here — I am getting close! I can’t figure out how to tweet!). My stepmother used to call her mom daily and just say “Hi Mom. Welfare check.” and her mom would report back to her briefly that she’s up, had breakfast, was going out later, etc. It was disguised as a safety check, but it was of course a loving and endearing exchange, albeit brief. I imagine that the question “how was your day” could warm an older person’s heart, one who might feel forgotten in this busy world.

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