a new faq.

Here’s an updated list of frequently asked questions. It will be updated regularly. As always, if you have more to ask, just let us know. ben@howwasyourday.ca

Can we choose our listener?
We are very careful to match what you want, and what you need, to the Listener that can serve you best. But, if for any reason you don’t connect, you can try someone else. 

How do I quit?
Just tell us. Say “Please don’t ask anymore.” And we won’t.

Who listens?
Listeners are people that care. We give a shit about people’s feelings, and want no one to be forced to stay in loneliness alone. 

We are software engineers and pilates teachers, business coaches and firefighters, vegans, keto geeks, holistic hippies, lawyers and accountants, and me. Just people. People that are good at listening. 

And some of us are just Listeners. We have programs to train almost anyone to become a great Listener, and if you’re good at it, there’s a place for you. 

Who are you listening to?
We listen to all kinds of people. There’s:

Anna, 42 – Anna is mostly happy, married, with 3 kids. But she lives in a strict religious community, and has no one to talk to about her feelings outside the church. 

George, 84 – George just likes us to call and say hi, so he can tell us about the birds he’s watching out the window this morning.

Joanne, 39 – Joanne is a single mom of two kids. Lives in a small town. Has a good sex life, family, and friends. But she hadn’t had a real date in a long time.

Beth, 68 – Beth is retired, widowed, and loving all her time with her grandkids, and sitting on the beach. But she doesn’t relate to people her age, and wants to talk about the tech in her new smart watch, not politics.

Evan, 19 – Evan is in college, and lost his Mom last year. She is the only one who really cared about his grades. So we call and kick him in the ass about homework at least once a week.

Sarah, 30 – Sarah is tough. She often just sits in complete silence for an hour. She says it’s the only way she can just let herself be angry and blast it at an actual person, but not hurt anyone. She’s been known to let out the most amazing “Fuck You!”

Evelyne, 70 – Evelyne had a stroke a few years ago, and is mostly ok on her own, but sometimes forgets things. Her family gets us to call and check in every day, just to make sure she’s ok.

How much does it cost?
We will not turn away anyone that really needs this. 

Because we want everyone to have access equally, we ask that on your honour, you pay a small percentage of your monthly income. With a minimum of $40/week, and a maximum of $400/week.

It’s like the ticket system in Finland.  🙂

This means that whether you’re making $4,000 a month, or $40,000, you have the same opportunity to connect. And if you just can’t afford it, tell us why you can’t, and why you need it, and we’ll find a way to make it work.

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