If you are being bullied
If you’re bullying other kids
If you are witnessing bullying at school
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Stand tall, hold your head up and act confident.

Bullying is a tricky issue that can be hard to deal with. Whether you are bullied, bully others or see bullying, you can take steps towards solving the problem.

If you are being bullied…
1. Keep your cool. kids who bully LOVE a reaction, so don't give them one.

2. If you don’t look afraid, you are less likely to be bullied.

3. Don’t take expensive stuff to school.

4. If you know of someone who doesn't like you, steer clear.

5. Don't fight back. You'll only make the problem worse, and you may get hurt.

6. Stay within sight of teachers.

7. Instead of getting mad, try getting funny. It shows that you're not scared and can lighten the situation. If you feel comfortable, surprise the person who is bullying you with a compliment (“thank you for pointing that out!”) then walk away. Remember not to use mean humour. That’s just stooping to their level.
Don’t react – that’s what the person bullying you wants so don’t give a reaction. The best thing to do is follow these 4 footsteps. Consider practicing some scenarios with someone to build confidence.

8. Tell adults you trust and keep telling until someone helps you. They can help more than you think.

9. Never tell anyone your computer passwords or share personal information over the Internet - this includeds name of your school, friends, etc.

10. Be polite to others online just as you would be in person.

11. If someone sends you a mean or rude message, do NOT respond. Save the message as evidence.

12. Don’t send an email or a text message when you’re angry. A sent message is a permanent message, and you might regret it.

If you’re bullying other kids…
1. Realize that, just because other kids watch and laugh when you bully, it doesn’t mean they like it or feel comfortable around you.

2. Remind yourself that everyone is different. Just because a kid is not like you or your friends does not make them better or worse people.

3. Talk to a trusted adult like a teacher, a coach, or a parent. They can help you come up with better ways to get along with other kids.

4. Think about how the targeted child feels when you pick on them. You may not realize how much your teasing can really hurt.

5. Hang out with buddies who will keep you in check instead of encourage you to bully.

6. Apologize to the people you’ve hurt. If you feel uncomfortable, try sending a note instead.

7. Resist peer pressure to bully.

8. Try to use your power and influence for good, not evil! Set a good example and see what happens.

9. If you feel tempted to bully in a situation, make up an excuse and walk away.

If you are witnessing bullying at school…
If you're standing around watching bullying take place, you're not part of the solution. You’re part of the problem. Bystanders have the MOST power to help.

1. Say something! Tell the person who is bullying that the way they’re acting is not cool and that you won't get involved. If you feel uncomfortable, say what’s on your mind. It matters more than you think.

2. Recognize all types of bullying. It's not just physical. Bullying can be gossiping, excluding, name-calling, even sending mean emails and phone messages.

3. Don’t fight the person who is bullying. Walk away and get help.

4. Get others to form a group. Band together and walk away. This shows the person who is bullying that you are not entertained by them being mean.

5. Put yourself in the shoes of the kid being bullied. If you were them, you’d want others to help, wouldn’t you?

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