Asking your child “how was your day?” is more important than you may think.

Asking questions about your child’s relationships shows that you care as a parent. More importantly, it’s the springboard for discussing issues, providing guidance, and preventing problems that your child may face now and in the future.

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Bullying is a major issue facing children of all ages. Where does it start? From birth children need to be taught and shown respect, empathy and care for others. Families matter.

Bullying is a problem that children are reluctant to talk about. Regardless of whether your child is witnessing bullying, picking on other children or being victimized themselves, having an adult to talk to can make a world of difference. It could be the difference between suffering in silence and taking a stand.

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This website contains information for parents, children and educators to help understand and confront bullying. Read about the many faces of bullying, how it affects all children, and find out what you can do today to make a difference.

As parents, we need to speak out if we expect our children to stand up for themselves and reject the “schoolyard norm” of bullying. The next time you ask “how was your day?” don’t settle for the classic one-word answer. Take the time to engage in conversation, ask thoughtful questions, and listen. You, and your child, will be glad you did.

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